Schrijf in mijn gastenboek
  • Mieke Visser (1 september 2017): Dear Irina Klyba. The last day i have visit your website and i really was impressed of all the art you have painted. As well the still life, however also the colorfull flowers. So much brightly couleur, it really brought joy and love to my heart. Also the drawings of the girl are amazing (your daughter, may i ask). I often visit gallerys, i really hope you have in the near future an exposition. Maybe i have interest in your paintings-drawings, although for me it"s difficult to visit Oekraïne, that"s why i asked i hope you soon have an exposition in Holland, and view your beautiful work. Thanks for the wonderful art you showed me, i will be grateful to meet or see your wonderful paintings and draws in the near future. Kind regards. Mieke Visser